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I have a new fairy tale book coming out next year! Based on the photoset, you can probably guess what it’s about. Here’s the announcement:

Sarah Cross’s TEAR YOU APART, pitched as a modern Snow White reimagining, in which a teen with a murderous stepmother is trapped in a dangerous game of love, jealousy, and hate with her best friend and lover, who is destined to decide if she lives or dies … until a mysterious prince from a strange Underworld offers her an escape, to Alison Weiss at Egmont, for publication in January 2015

So it’s basically Snow White with an on-again-off-again Huntsman boyfriend, then add in the Twelve Dancing Princesses, an underworld nightclub, some poison apples, and stir.

Tear You Apart takes place in the same world as Kill Me Softly and “After the Ball,” in a city where people are cursed to live out fairy tales. I’ll share more details as soon as I can!

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Matt Bites | Éric Traoré | Anka Zhuravleva | Anna Palma and Chadwick Tyler | Errol Le Cain | Kay Nielsen | Benjamin Lacombe 

Update: Tear You Apart's cover and description are posted here